Loren Soeiro, Ph.D. ABPP

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Why psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic therapy is based on the power of expressing significant feelings to a person you trust. It is confidential; no information you reveal will be released without your consent**.  Each treatment strives toward the patient’s goals, but can also accommodate twists and turns along the way. Patients can discuss their day-to-day lives or disclose feelings they have held inside for years.  Couples can find ways to open up about problems in their relationships.

In treatment, many people learn coping mechanisms that offer relief from grief, anxiety, or worry.  Others learn to confront adversity through resilience training or mindfulness-based skills. Disruptive life events like breakup, illness, job loss, or the death of someone close can leave one feeling raw.  The therapy room is the place to talk it out, where face vaseyou can recover while learning about yourself at the same time.

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(**I must break confidentiality if a patient is in danger of self-harm or of hurting another person, or if I learn about ongoing child abuse.)