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The New York Times: Exercising the Mind to Treat Attention Deficits

by Loren Soeiro on June 30, 2014, no comments

Exercises in mindfulness — defined as the ability to sustain focus and renew it when it wanders — produce benefits in adults with ADD.  Article written by Daniel Goleman. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/12/exercising-the-mind-to-treat-attention-deficits/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=1&

Psychology Today: Why Some People Hate Receiving Compliments

by Loren Soeiro on June 27, 2014, no comments

Low self-esteem can make it difficult to accept a compliment, especially from a romantic partner.  Article written by Guy Winch, Ph.D. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201308/why-some-people-hate-receiving-compliments?utm_content=buffer2bbaf&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer