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Blog: Psychotherapy: Know Your Choices

by Loren Soeiro on February 25, 2016, no comments

Overview of several of the major psychotherapies, written by an anonymous author who has struggled with major mental illness. http://loveskaleidoscope.com/2/post/2016/02/psychotherapy-know-your-choices.html

Scientific American: The Hidden Harm of Antidepressants

by Loren Soeiro on February 24, 2016, no comments

SSRI medications have been linked to aggressive thoughts and suicidal behavior in young people, which may not have been properly reported by the pharmaceutical companies promoting these drugs.  Article written by Diana Kwon. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-hidden-harm-of-antidepressants

The Conversation: Psychology by numbers

by Loren Soeiro on February 23, 2016, no comments

What do personality tests measure, and how did they come about?  Article written by Chris Millard. https://theconversation.com/psychology-by-numbers-a-brief-history-of-personality-tests-53927